9.2 million meals are missed monthly because of food poverty in London.

13.4 million meals are wasted monthly by businesses.

With the above statistics in mind, Equinoxe Solutions are delighted to announce our recent partnership with the London non-profit organisation, City Harvest.

Since opening its doors in 2014, the charity have made a profound impact in the city by rescuing over 30 tonnes of food waste to feed the hungry in the wider community.

City Harvest works with over 300 organisations, from homeless shelters and soup kitchens to centres for children, elderly and women’s refuge programmes, to provide nourishing and sustainable meals to the vulnerable.

Food distributions come from donors across many reputable businesses including supermarkets, restaurants, food producers and suppliers. Not only does this help to tackle prevalent food poverty issues in the city, but it also provides a safe and reliable way to rescue food surplus by reducing carbon footprints and waste collection costs.

At Equinoxe, we aim to raise awareness among our 70-plus national manufacturers and suppliers to understand how easy (and beneficial) it is to donate surplus food.

One of our suppliers, Bidfood, and our casual dining customer, Tortilla, have already signed up to support the cause and contribute towards the 8 million meals delivered to those facing hunger.

Here’s what our Director, Steve Jones, had to say about the partnership:

“At both procurement and supply chain levels, we’re thrilled to be able to link suppliers with City Harvest and encourage customers from the hospitality and restaurant industry to do the same.

“All too often perfectly good food stock ends up in landfill, damaging wallet share and the environment. We’re so excited about the difference this partnership will make and the influence we can have to help fight hunger and food waste.”

CEO of City Harvest, Laura Winningham, also praised the recent collaboration:

“Many companies are simply unaware of our service and how to distribute food surplus to help feed those fighting food poverty. We’re excited about how Equinoxe can help to increase awareness and empower businesses to make a huge social impact, and feel the rewards themselves.”

If you’re a corporate business and are interested in becoming a food donor, or perhaps you want to volunteer or simply donate to the cause, visit the City Harvest website to show your support.

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